Membership Applications

Hello Everyone!

Please make sure to fill out your Membership Applications here as soon as possible, as it must be completed in order for you to participate at our recitals. The $20 dollar membership fee is what allows us to have meetings, refreshments, scholarships, and other expenditures over the course of the year.

MSSL 2021-2022 Orientation Meeting

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is having a great start to their school year. We are having our 2021 MSSL Orientation Meeting on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH @ 5 PM at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.

This meeting is important for several reasons:

1. The meeting goes over who we are, what we do, and our plan for this year.

2. For an aspiring MSSL member to participate in recitals, they MUST attend at least one meeting, and this meeting does count towards that policy.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


MSSL Board